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I'm Tal Goldberg





I am a scriptwriting ninja, fluent in both English and Hebrew. Based in Israel, I write for marketing videos, movies, TV shows, video games, theater productions, and anything else that requires creative flair. My education includes a degree in film from Tel Aviv University and a diploma in game design from Shenkar College.

Here's my showreel for marketing videos:

Over the past 15 years, I've written hundreds of marketing videos for clients in fields such as high-tech, medicine, agriculture, entertainment, lifestyle, government, and the public sector. I can take the most complicated topics and turn them into simple, effective scripts that grab people's attention.

For more marketing videos tap here.

Apart from marketing videos, I have also written and directed films and TV shows in Israel and abroad. You can check out the promo for the TV show I created called "Run away" - it was HOT VOD's most-watched Israeli content in 2019!


And here is the trailer for a 90-minute film I created called "OMG, I'm a robot!" which was distributed worldwide.

I've written for various TV production companies such as 'Dori Media', 'HSCC', 'Ananey' and for TV Networks such as Hot, Yes, Kan 11, and Nickelodeon

I'm also an experienced video game writer. I've written for companies like 'Ilyon', 'UG labs', 'Mad brain games' and more. In this trailer, you can see narratives I wrote for an award-winning adventure game called "Lost in Play.".

So if you need a top-notch scriptwriter who can write in both English and Hebrew, look no further. I've got the education, experience, and skills to make your project shine. Let's work together!


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